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Five reasons to book a lifestyle session

What is lifestyle photography?

Although this may be a common term for photographers to use, most consumers and clients aren't aware of what a "lifestyle" photography session may consist of.

Despite the lack of commonality, this type of portrait session has the potential to be your most valued documented piece of memorabilia.

1. Lifestyle sessions capture TRUE moments!

Your average portrait session consists of about an hour to an hour and a half of photography in a controlled environment.

The photographer usually takes the lead and specifies what to move, how to smile, where to look and sit...etc. Many times these images can turn out forced and posed looking, and don't represent the dynamics of your unique family.

While these are still beautiful images, they typically lack natural smiles and aren't a true representation of your interactions. Lifestyle portraits allow your daily activities to go on while your photographer captures exactly what happens inside your family unit.

2. Rain or shine-- location ISN'T prime!

Weather doesn't matter! Location doesn't matter! ...The idea behind lifestyle sessions is to find the roots of your day and document them in a unique and creative way. It would be my job to find the moments through my own artistic eye, whether that's at the park downtown, or in the comfort of your own home; wherever you see fit and think is a staple location in your family dynamic.

3. Your husband/wife/two-year old/Uncle Bob doesn't have to like having their picture taken!

And its no big deal! I'll be secretive... like I'm not even there; although if/when the time is right I will step in give a little guidance. Sometimes being in front of the lens can be stressful and awkward, and not everyone enjoys having their photo taken. But that's okay! Just choose activities that everyone loves doing and allows for bonding time, and I'll be over in that corner using my photographer ninja magic.

4. Your iPhone just can't compete.

While iPhoneography is tremendous in so many ways, your children, significant other and family members are tired of having it in their face. Everything is documented so instantaneously and shared infinitely, that simple, daily pictures aren't appreciated.

Did you know that 10 percent of ALL images EVER taken were photographed just in the last five years?! Professional grade images, taken from a perspective that you're not usually in, will stand out amongst the other thousand images saved to your harddrive and shared online. They'll be engaging, amazing, vibrant and unlike any photos any of your family members typically see.

5. They're great for ANY occasion!

Typically we save professional images for Christmas time and other monumental dates (weddings, birthdays and other big milestones), but lifestyle photography can fill ANY gap! But don't hold back! Lifestyle photography also suits well for birthday parties, family gatherings, holidays, births and other large events, too! The point is, these sessions can fit into your schedule and no matter the moment, they'll be preciously treasured forever.

To top it all off, we even squeeze in some regularly posed photos just to say we can! Although "typical" still won't be what you see from me... ! ;)

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