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Families at Fort Fisher

For some reason, every time I have a session scheduled down at Fort Fisher, mother nature likes to scare me. She shows me these crazy forecasts, or intense temperatures that have me and my clients wanting to reconsider our options.

From the frigid breezes of winter, now to the lurking thunderstorms and extreme heats of the summer; this historical North Carolina location steadfastly performs.

From exploring the beautiful tree-covered trails on the bay while watching the sunset, to hiking the beautiful rocks down to the sandy beaches -- no matter which area you photograph, its an all-encompassing location.

Last night's family session with this Ohio-vacationing family proved no less than perfection. While the forecasted predicted thunderstorms, and some rain rinsed my car on the way; the cloud overlay left us with some beautiful lighting and lower summer temps.

Check out Desiree and her husband with their 18-month-old son Chase, who truly did justice to this pristine landmark.

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