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The Much Anticipated Matthew's Wedding

At the rehearsal, the officiant asked me "How does a wedding photographer choose a photographer?" and truly, the answer is simpler than you'd think.

Being in the wedding industry, you tend to meet a lot of like-minded individuals who share similar passions and "obsessions." So when Sacia and Rob decided to tie-the-knot, they basically didn't HAVE a choice when choosing their wedding photographer.

Joking. But not really... :)

Sacia and Rob came into my life just under a year ago, and unfortunately for them, they aren't allowed to leave. When I first met these two, I was already in love with them more than they love each other (or so I thought) so these long-anticipated nuptials have quite literally kept me awake at night (thanks to Sacia's late-night texts!).

But the most amazing part for me this go around, I was truly able to be present for their big day. I fogged up my view finder when Rob cracked during the first-look, and I basically ugly cried during the ceremony.

These two are one-of-a-kind (or two of a kind), which makes us three-of-a-kind because they're also stuck with me (I snuck in a signature on their wedding certificate).

Thank you Sacia and Rob, for allowing me to share such a special time with you and your families, I am so blessed to call you friends. Congratulations, and many years of happiness and friendship -- am I invited to the honeymoon?

(Also, check out that adorable flower girl -- does she look familiar ! =D)

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