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Future Mrs. Bless

When Ashley first contacted me, she referred to herself as "Future Mrs. Bless." It was evident she is more than confident in finding her "person," and it truly showed during their Labor Day session at Fort Fisher.

When we solidified our plans for the shoot with her "dusty rose dress" she ordered, we were both so excited with our matching vision that we really didn't think through logistics.

Regardless of the three of us (plus her parents and their RV) rummaging through thousands of last-minute summer-celebrators, I'd say this session still prevailed. While we enjoyed (mildly) inappropriate jokes and picking on Bobby, karma came back tenfold for Ashley and I with swarms of ant and mosquito bites; but hey-- totally worth it.

These two are naturals in front of the lens, even with sweaty forehead kisses, harsh sun and a 34 second-sunset that put some step in our hike. Thanks for pushing through with me guys; enjoy your cooled-off Michigan weather!

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