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Papiano Family - South Jersey

This family session has literally been two years in the making... I may be slightly exaggerating, but it has actually been two years since I've shot with this family!

Meghan is a design goddess... After we met for their Batsto session two autumns ago, she decided to move forward with opening her own company House of Catherine (Check her out here --

If you're not already religiously stalking her work and oohing&ahhing over all the wedding spam she spreads on insta... yah need to get on it.

For those of you who know, I primarily reside in Wilmington, NC, which has just been hit by a huge hurricane and is continuing to suffer with tropical storm like weather. After mandatory evacuations were set in, we began a last-minute journey up north where I grew up. Seeing the positive in this disaster, our schedules finally aligned and was able to hang out with this show stopper and her fam-bam.

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(760) 420-1248

Wilmington, NC