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Jody & Billy at Fort Fisher

Jody and Billy both service in the mental health department here in Wilmington. With their professions, I'm sure they'll take care of each other forever, but this emotion-hugging ceremony took care of my own spirits.

It was the thoughtful additions, like Jody's bouquet filled with meaningful trinkets; to the bug spray for her guests at the ceremony (which I'm incredibly grateful for, thanks guys), that brought last night all together.

Billy's reaction to not only his lovely daughters gracing the aisle, but the tears shed as he saw his bride in the distance... that one took my breath away, too.

I'm grateful for people like this; who stay true to themselves (think pizza and donuts instead of fancy wedding cuisine and elaborate cakes) and love each other to the core. Thank you for showing me and your guests a true love display.

(760) 420-1248

Wilmington, NC