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15 minutes of fun!

It's not often I get to squeeze in seasonal mini sessions, but alas -- here they are! I wouldn't have traded this beautiful Saturday evening for any other session. All three of these families outdid themselves. Cue baby fever.

It's amazing what you can accomplish in just a short 15 minute span. It's like everyone involved is aware of the task at hand (aka everyone behave for 15 minutes and then we can go back to being crazy, Haha!) and wham-bam-boom. We're done!

Thank you to my former clients for returning, referring and recommending; you keep this small one-lady show afloat and keep bread on the table! I appreciate you all, 'tis the season of thanksgiving! Enjoy this '72 Nova, cute kids and lots of snuggles.

Page Family

Koch Family

Lytle Family

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Wilmington, NC