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17 sweaters with a side of love

Starting out on the right foot isn't as easy as the saying that rolls off your tongue.

While Nicole and I hit it off during our first meeting to discuss her wedding of her dreams, the beginning of her and Maksis's engagement session didn't go as smooth.

Somewhere between running out of gas and slamming her hand in her car door, Nicole managed to lose her dog, accumulate 17 sweaters (one of which she graciously gifted me, because obviously mustard is totally my color) and still hold curls in her hair.

Regardless of our rough start, Maksis kept building a fire, talking up his sweet fiance, and giving me the run-down of their family home. From the hand-crafted pillars, to each individual heirloom trinket, this eclectic outdoor suite boasted quite the engagement session backdrop.

I have a sweet spot for couples like these two; madly in love, blissfully cute and 100 percent ready to get married. Saying I'm excited to brave the wedding planning with this happy couple is an understatement. Just wait 'til our spring rendezvous in downtown Wilmington.

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