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Our humans are getting married...

It was pouring rain when I met Cameron, and while sometime's I'll take a rainy day as foreshadowing, our evening sunset was the furthest thing from gloomy for her and Zach's engagement session.

Along with their epic sunset on a rooftop, our friendly best-buds ate some street pizza and barked at strangers; and the three of us galloped down the steps of the Riverfront courthouse -- okay, it was just Cameron and Zach. But I really enjoyed watching them do it.

Their awkward senses of humor tickles my quirky side in all the right ways, and to say I'm excited to be at their wedding in a few short months is an understatement. Oh, and see that cool little steeple-rooster? That's where it'll be. Stay tuned for some sweet rainbow, stained glass wedding pics this November.

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