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The Theatrical Winter Wonderland

The forecast had every guest on edge, January 19, 2019. This winter wonderland, cabin-in-the-woods fairy tale absolutely needed a touch of snow.

Knowing Kaitlin from High School, I fully expected her eventual wedding day to feel like a broadway production. Her compelling singing voice coupled with her booming personality had always been her trademark; and from start to finish, I'd say their day definitely lived up to the hype.

It's evident that Collin and Kaitlin are meant to be together. Their chemistry, devotion to each other and love for Jesus sings louder than the five-person orchestra belting out Seasons of Love at their reception.

It was the little details that made Kaitlin and Collins day extra special (like the special lace on her bouquet, matching boots and flannels...) but the sprinkle of snow that stayed around was the icing on the cake!

There's something to be said about a couple who chooses freezing cold January for their wedding... BUT just know, that this day felt extra special because I got to celebrate with an old friend.

Cheers to many years for this outstanding family and friends!

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